1947Tokyo Boeki Shokai, the predecessor of Tokyo Boeki was established by late Mr. Yasuo Matsumiya
1955Acquired an exclusive distributorship of swivel joints and loading arms of Chiksan Corp. of USA and started sales to petroleum, electric power and gas industries
1959Successfully led negotiations between Chiksan Corp of USA and Niigata Engineering Co. to a technical tie-up and started production of swivel joints and loading arms in Japan.
1968Delivered the first LNG loading arm for marine use in Japan
1973Delivered the world's largest (at that time) 24“ loading arm.
Delivered a cumulative total of 1,000 loading arms in Japan and overseas.
1987Supplied the world's largest Loading Arm for LNG service to Woodside Energy (Australia).
1988Completing the 16“ LNG loading arm ERS retrofit.
1989NIIGATA original NT-DBV ERS with double ball valves was developed and supplied to Tokyo Gas Co.,Ltd.
1995Delivered the world's largest (at that time) LNG loading arm to Korea GAS.
1998Delivered a cumulative total of 5,000 loading arms in Japan and overseas.
2003Acquired loading system business from Niigata Engineering and established Niigata Loading Systems Ltd. to develop, manufacture, sell and provide aftersale service in-house for fluid loading and unloading machines for the energy industry
2004Sale of Shinko LNG terminal pumps exceeded 300 pumps, firmly maintaining the top market share in Japan
2005Delivered 4sets of DCMA type marine loading arm with NIIGATA original ERS(emergency release system) and H-QCDC(quick coupler with hydraulic operation).
2006Tokyo Boeki Ltd. became a holding company and the business of Tokyo Boeki was split into Tokyo Boeki Machinery Ltd. and Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials Ltd
2007Sale of LNG loading arms is increasing, installed at LNG bases in 64 places throughout the world (total 260 units), continuing to further solidify its position as a leading company of loading arms in the world market.
2008Opening of a resident office in Beijing, China
First company in Japan to deliver marine loading arms with an Emergency Release System to national oil storage terminals.
Developped 16“ ERS(emergency release system) with single cylinder for LNG service.
2012Opened a resident office of Energy Machineries Business in Malaysia
2015Tokyo Boeki Machinery(Tokyo Boeki KIKAI) Ltd. changed its name to Tokyo Boeki Machinery Ltd. Niigata Loading Systems Ltd. changed its name to Tokyo Boeki Engineering Ltd.
2018Closed the Malaysia office and opened the Singapore branch.
2019Commercialization and sales launch of "CoRoCo" series of transport support robots.
2021Tokyo Boeki Machinery Ltd. and Tokyo Boeki Engineering Ltd. merged to form TB Global Technologies Ltd.
2024 Opened QFZ Branch for Energy Machineries Business in Qatar.