We will contribute to the development of a new energy-oriented society in the world as a technological partner of our customers.

– For affluence and the future of energy –

TB Global Technologies Ltd. (TBG) was established through the merger of Tokyo Boeki Machinery Ltd. that supply equipment required for loading and unloading petrochemical, liquid natural gas (LNG), chemical products materials, clean energy, etc., energy related equipment, and sales and after-sales services and Tokyo Boeki Engineering Ltd. that provides the development and manufacturing of the above-mentioned products. We have been creating new values by gathering the strengths we have accumulated for more than half a century, and putting together the value chain from marketing to development / manufacturing / sales / after-sales services.

The energy needs are greatly changing to earth-friendly clean energy as people increase awareness of environmental protection and aim to realize a decarbonized society. Amidst such changes, we will further make efforts to realize a sustainable society as a “Company of Business Imagination & Creation” in order to provide energy solutions suitable for the new era, by actively working on creating new businesses and developing new products in addition to the energy related business which is our core business.

We pledge to fully exert our cultivated manufacturing technologies and the function as a trading company, create innovation peculiar to our company, devote ourselves to serving as a mediator between energy and our customers, introducing wisdom around the world and technologies, and continue to be a company that contributes to society.

Go beyond the future of the world
TB Global Technologies Ltd. (TBG) will keep walking with our customers. We will realize creating an affluent society and satisfaction of customers with a sense of mission and responsibility as a company that is involved in highly public businesses.