TB Global Technologies fully support the operation through the integrated system in the company even after our equipment is introduced. We promptly respond to emergency repair, etc. as well as regular maintenance preparing after-sales services that can cover the places throughout Japan so that our customers can safely use our equipment for a long time.

Technical Advice

We dispatch our professional technical staff for installing new equipment / inspection / maintenance work that our customers request. In addition, we provide support for safe work schedules.
We also respond to on-site training in which the right operation and inspection method of loading arms are explained by our professional staff if requested.


Regular Inspections / Maintenance

Our professional staff undertake regular inspection / maintenance works by using genuine parts so that our customers can always use our loading arms safely and securely.
In fact, there are recommended intervals for the maintenance of regular inspections of loading arms. For details, please check the sales contact of our products.


Spare Parts

We stably provide genuine parts that passed the thorough quality check from our parts center directly connected to our manufacturing factories.
We promptly respond to our customers' unexpected troubles in our original after-sales support system where services ranging from sales, designing, manufacturing to installation can be provided at one stop.