Tokyo Boeki Group creates rich values as a “Global Partner” of its customers around the world and aims to be a corporation that contributes to life and society in countries worldwide.

Management Principles

TB Global Technologies Ltd., the principal company in the Tokyo Boeki Group provides hi-tech solutions that are on the frontline of clean energy. The aim of the group is to become a “power supporting our life,” enriching the lifestyles of people around the world.

1) We create rich value and contribute to society.

With pillars in business category of energy machinery and fuel cell, we offer finest quality products and after-sales service to our customers around the world and aim at a corporation that contributes to local culture as well as society.

2) We take heed of our staff.

With respect to human being, we build a free and broad-minded corporation in which every one of staff has room to grow and evolve.

3) We promote sound management.

As a good corporate citizen, we deploy fair management globally through sound industry group activities.

Our Missions “SEVEN Cs”

1) Customers

To exchange greetings and to maintain correct discipline when interacting with the customers. Always put customers first!

2) Courtesy

Always be polite and correspond humbly follow a business manners.

3) CSR*

Lead sincere corporate activity, In order to contribute to rich and bright social structure.

4) Confirmation

Always confirm first and proceed to the next step to eliminate errors and wastefulness!

5) Continuation

Continuation is the father of success. Let us continue efforts for good causes!

6) Communication

Always communicate in order to eliminate misunderstandings and distrusts!

7) Challenge

Always bravely challenge problems and difficulties and open up new paths by overcoming them!

*CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility):
instead of only pursuing profitability, acting appropriately while taking full responsibility for corporate impact upon society as a whole. In general, this means for the company to have a sense of social responsibility. At TBM, striving to strengthen our CSR management and further enhancing our efforts towards compliance with laws, corporate governance, and disclosure are both important factors in making our management principles a reality, and in contributing to society.